Sono Novo Concert at Owens Community College by Danita Merrell


A step into a Melodic chamber

Music Business Technology Portfolio one students performing the Sono Novo Concert Series at Owens Community College

The Music Business Technology Portfolio I students takes the stage with a melodic chamber music sound performance.

The Accents on the Arts Concert Series Welcomes Sono Novo took place at the Center for Fine and Performing Arts on March 22 at 7:30 p.m. in the Main Theater at Owens Community College. The Music Business Technology students presents the Accent on the Arts Concert Series every academic year. 

The small ensemble of the Sono Novo concert featured Kelly Hill Kretzer on the flute, Ann Augustine on the oboe, Lesli McCage on the clarinet, Michael Leeds on the basson, Pete Vavrinek on the horn, and Wayne Anthony on the piano.

The thing about music is that everyone takes it in differently. It means something different to every person. Music is a beautiful way to share emotions. It allows a person to let everything out, and with this concert every person performing felt something different. 

You could tell that each performer really enjoyed themselves as they played every song. Each song flowing perfectly with next. 

This was a very well done performance by the Music Business Technology students with the audience breaking out in applause after every song selection.

Shooting with a Canon EOS Rebel T5i by Danita Merrell